From Music To Location These Are The Dos And Dont's Of Setting The Mood, According To Research

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When it comes to setting the mood, most of the time it takes a lot more than a glass of red wine and some dim lighting. There are a lot of factors at play that people tend to ignore. If you've been having trouble keeping the romance alive with your significant other, maybe it's because you're missing the mark. No judgement, we all fall into dry spells throughout our relationships! Instead of getting discouraged, why not see what options you have?

In attempts to help people better understand what puts people in the mood, Dr. Ed we surveyed 500 Europeans and 500 Americans to put together the best tips and tricks for getting in the mood. From locations to lighting and everything in between, this survey is meant to make the art of making love easy again. Which, let's face it, couldn't come at a better time! With Valentine's Day just two weeks away, don't you want to alleviate those pesky pressures?

The better informed you are, the more successful you'll be in your relationship, it's that simple! Why not take the advice of other people who have been there? Isn't that the best way to learn, after all? Below you'll find three infographics provided by Dr. Ed that will detail top intimate public locations, top activities that lead to intimacy, and top genres people prefer to listen to while getting in the mood.

Top Public Spots

With it being Winter and all, we don't exactly recommend an outdoor Valentine's romp, but if you're in warmer climes, the most popular place for public intimacy was in a public park, field, forest, or garden. If that's a little too risky for your liking, the survey also shows a car, alongside or in the ocean, and while catching a film have been successful for couples.

Top Activities

If you're anniversary happens to fall on February 14th then you are in major luck! Turns out, men and women agree that, out of every occasion, celebrating an anniversary was the most likely to end in intimacy. We know it's a running joke that people only sleep together on their anniversary, but, hey! If it's an opportunity to spark the romance, why not?

Top Music Genres

If you're looking to create a little V-day playlist then you'll be interested in knowing that nearly 13 percent of men and over 16 percent of women, rhythm and blues and soul music were the genres of choice for getting in the mood, followed by jazz and easy listening.

We hope this was helpful, guys! Remember, don't overcomplicate things. As this survey has proven, men and women agree a lot more on how to set the mood than you might think. Chances are you and your significant other are perfectly in sync, it will just take a little extra romance.

To read the full study, head on over to Dr. Ed.

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