Seven-Footer Shaquille O'Neal Standing Next To Tiny Gymnast Simone Biles Makes For One Hilarious Picture

Image via Twitter

Retired NBA player and current TNT analyst Shaquille O'Neal was, arguably, the most dominant force in basketball history. Standing over seven-feet, Shaq was blessed with insane athleticism for a big man, while showing power, agility and strength like no one since, maybe, Wilt Chamberlain.

While O'Neal was certainly accomplished in his hoops career, 19-year-old Simone Biles has had her fair share of success, too, as she's already won four gold medals after going to the Olympics for the first time in 2016 as part of the U.S. gymnastics team.

So what happens when all the success between Shaquille O'Neal and Simone Biles come together for a photo? Something very, very funny.

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

Shaq stands at about 7'3", while Simone's listed at about 4'9", and, thanks to a height difference of over two-and-a-half feet—not to mention the difference in body frames—Shaquille O'Neal and Simone Biles offer photographic proof that some things are just meant to be laughed at.


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