Healthy Ways To, Ahem, 'Take Care Of Yourself', As Told By A Sexpert

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I'm going to give it to you straight here fellas, no matter how satisfying ANY female might be in bed, masturbation has, is, and will always be crazy important to your sexual health. It was there for you in your youth when you were confused and experimenting. It's there for you now when you need a moment to unwind, and it will be there for you in your future when your wife decides she's "just not feeling it tonight."

The most important part about masturbation is that you have a healthy outlook on it and well, frankly that you know what the heck you're doing. I realize that it's a pretty innate instinct and most of us figure it out without the help of anyone else, let alone a sex doctor, but it never hurts to expand your horizons to see how you can expand one of your favorite pastimes.

To be fair though, women enjoy masturbation just as much, if not more than men so these tips apply just as much to the ladies. Seriously, women are just as active on PornHub, we promise.



I knew sex was equal parts mental as it is physical, but hearing Dr. Emily call the brain the largest sex organ was a pretty intense realization of just how important it is to set the mood properly and disconnect before taking care of yourself. I know she mentions turning off your phone, but for those of you who access your, uh, material, through there...you can skip that step! But a bath and some dim lighting does sound really great right about now. Maybe wait until you leave work though, we really don't wanna promote that kind of behavior! Although we know it happens a lot more than people think!

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