13 Meanings Behind Your Most Common (And Perverted) Dirty Dreams

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If you ever had to uncomfortably sit through your friend's story about a creepy dream they had, you know that dreams are weird — and they're even stranger when you add sex into the mix. I mean, maybe you do have a deep-seated desire to have sex with that co-worker, but the reality is that these dreams are actually speaking to deeper, subconscious issues affecting other areas of your life. And if you've ever wondered what the hell ejaculation has to do with decision-making, then you've come to the right place.

With the help of the online dream dictionary, Dream Bible, we decoded 13 of the most common sex dreams men have. From having sex with Hillary Clinton to having sex in public, here are all the interpretations to your weird, perverted dreams.

Sex In Public

If you're having a dream about having sex with someone in public, and everyone's watching you and wondering what the eff you're doing, this could mean you feel like your private life is on display for others to see. It might also mean you're attracting attention to yourself, either through your personal interests or achievements. See? It's not always about the sex.

Interrupted Sex

If you're about to get down and dirty and keep getting rudely interrupted, it could mean people or outside forces are entrenching into parts of your life where they don't belong. For example, maybe your career is interfering with your love life and is causing a distraction. Think about it.

Sex With A Celebrity

Just because you had a dream about having sex with Hillary Clinton doesn't mean you actually have the hots for her. Typically, dreams about sex with famous people means you desire the qualities of that particular person. In the case of Mrs. Clinton, maybe you want a career in politics. It could also mean you just really want to bone Hillary. I don't know your life. #Shrug

Cheating On Your Girlfriend

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Regardless if you're in a solid relationship or a shaky one, if you're dreaming about sexing up someone who's not your girlfriend, it could mean that the two of you are drifting apart, maybe not sexually but in other areas of your life. For example, if you recently drastically changed your opinion or belief about something, you might feel ashamed that you're "drifting" from yourself and your partner.

Your Girlfriend Cheating On You

If you just had a nightmare that your girlfriend was having hot sex with someone else, it's probably not a big surprise that the meanings for this are all negative. From "paranoia" to "trust issues" to legit "suspicions you have" of them, these dreams reflect that you're feeling emotionally abandoned as your partner enjoys a new hobby or job without you.

Being Naked

Nakedness in dreams can mean a plethora of things, most of which are bad, so we're just going to focus on being naked in a sexual, positive way (since this article is about sex dreams). If you're dreaming of being naked and you're not embarrassed about it, it means you're confident and don't care what others think. Nothing is holding you back and you feel completely open — let that willy fly!


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If you're dreaming about sex, then sometimes there's ejaculation. If so, the symbolism means the end of an important decision. For example, if you just made a big decision in real life, ejaculation in a dream might signify that it's finalized and you feel totally OK with that choice. However, if you dream of coming outside the body, it could represent unproductive choices or making a decision that you think is subconsciously bad.

People Watching You Have Sex

If you're having sex for an audience, this could mean that you feel like your personal life lacks privacy. This feeling could also be making you feel like it's difficult to enjoy yourself because of the scrutiny of others. If you're partaking in something dangerous, this dream could imply that your conscience is weighing on you.


If you dreamed of receiving a handjob, it could mean others are trying to please you but in a way to get it over with quickly. DreamBible simply puts it as, "Feeling that someone is doing you a quick favor in order to get you to shut up." Wait a minute, isn't that what a handjob means in real life, too?

Same-Sex Intercourse

If you had a dream about getting it on with someone of the same sex, it doesn't mean you're gay (not like there's anything wrong with that). However, it could mean that you're enjoying something, like a hobby, that's frowned down upon by the rest of society. In hindsight, all this dream means is that you're enjoying something without concern for others, which is pretty badass.

Anal Sex

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To dream of anal sex means you feel like you're being "screwed over" in real life by someone or something. It could also be a sign that you're giving in to someone negatively, like bad habits, and you're not enjoying it. DreamBible provides an example of a man having anal sex with his dad, but we stopped reading after that. If you're having those kind of dreams, you should probably just seek therapy.

Having Sex With A Faceless Person

If you're dreaming about having sex with someone whose face is hidden, it might mean you're trying to learn more about your own personal desires. It could also mean you're single, enjoying it, and are up for trying new things. Go, you.


No surprise here, but dreams about being impotent means you have lingering feelings about insecurity or powerlessness. This doesn't mean just in your sex life but in other areas of your life, like your career or personal life. According to DreamBible, "You may feel unable to control events in your life, or respond to problems. You are ineffective in some way."

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