Sex Gets Better With Age, And Experts Explain Exactly Why That Is

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We all know that wine gets better with age, but did you know that sex does the same thing? Bet you didn't, but, yep, that's the truth—according to experts.

Thanks to those very experts—professors Miri Forbes and Robert Krueger, from the University of Minnesota, and professor Nicholas Eaton from Stony Brook University—we now know why that's the case, as they offered up the reasons, via DailyMail.

The three experts in psychiatry and psychology analyzed patterns collected from over 6,000 people, followed over a period of 18 years, with ages between 20-93. Here's what they found.

The basic trends in the data suggested that – without taking any other factors into account – sexual quality of life declines with age.

But as people in the study aged, they placed more emphasis on the quality – not quantity – of sexual encounters.

For example, frequency of sex became less important with age, and the amount of thought and effort invested in sex became more important.

These changing priorities were key predictors of sexual quality of life for older adults, and appeared to buffer its decline.

When we matched older and younger adults on key characteristics of their sex lives – along with sociodemographic characteristics, and mental and physical health – older adults actually had better sexual quality of life.

To put it bluntly, sex improves as one gets older because it's about quality and not quantity, focusing on one partner rather than a handful of them.

More support for the theory came when the researchers discovered that, like most things in life, more experience relates to a stronger and more fulfilling sex life. The study also showed that, as we age, a satisfying sex life has been found to be just as important to one's health and well-being, no matter how old a person is.

So, if you want to stay happy, have good sex and stay mentally and physically healthy, never stop having sex.


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