Sex In A Car Is Still One Of The Most Desired Spots To Get Down And Dirty (According To Survey)

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Most of us would probably prefer to have sex—oral, anal or vaginal—in the comfort of a bed or on a couch, but according to a new study from the University of South Dakota, doing it in a car is still one of the top spots.

According to Style Caster that was published in The Journal Of Sex Research, psychology researchers surveyed more than 700 women and men about sex in a car, with more than half—59.5 percent of women and 61 percent of men—admitting that they have had sex in a parked car.

While that's pretty surprising, the study also found that 14 percent of those who have had sex in a car before said that they lost their virginity in one—talk about taking a first time joy ride, huh?

In addition to the findings, the survey also showed the sex in a parked car was more likely between people who were dating than those just doing it casually.

And for those who might be considering this whole car sex thing, the survey showed that, generally speaking, people came away satisfied, per Style Caster:

“Despite discomfort, body bumps, and risk of being caught, sex while parked was primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women."

So while you might have a crappy car that's dirty than the room you grew up in at your parents house, the thing might actually be a solid spot to consider having sex in—just remember to wrap it up, because only 58.2 percent of couples in the study said they did.

H/T Style Caster