Sex On The Coffee Table? Yep, And Here Are Other Pieces Of Furniture People Prefer

Image via Flickr/Jay Aremac

We told you a couple of months ago about how women have openly stated in a survey that sex on the stairs is their top spot. We know, it's weird and, honestly, seems pretty painful—we've never even done it ourselves.

And while we all look for alternative spots to get down and dirty, some of the more common places outside of the bedroom include things like the couch, a chair and, yep, even the dining room table. But, which piece of furniture takes the top spot?

Funny we should ask that, because the people over at The Furniture Market put together a survey to find out, as they polled 500 individuals in the UK to see what furniture is used most for sex.

As the results show, British people seem to go for the sofa first, dining table second, and, somewhat surprisingly, dining chair third.

We're more countertop people, ourselves.

Naturally, the poll also wanted to know what strange pieces of furniture the same respondents would admit to have had sex on, with these being the results.

We're not sure how in the hell anyone can even have sex (comfortably) on a train set, but... hold up, someone got busy on a f*cking mortuary slab? Man, some people are really twisted in the head, aren't they?

To see the full results, head on over to TheFurnitureMarket, where they also breakdown which places in the UK are most adventurous when it comes to sex on furniture.

Lead image courtesy of Flickr/Jay Aremac

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