'The Sex Robots Are Coming' Details The Strange Fetish Some Men Have ONLY Sleeping With Dolls (VIDEO)

Image Via Channel 4

We're not here today to question whether or not you would engage with a sex robot. We're simply here to provide the facts that have been given to us. Granted, these facts are equal parts terrifying as they are shamefully arousing. Just kidding, no arousal — only shame, confusion, and overwhelming fear that the female population is slowly being replaced with AI sex toys. No big deal, just another day is 2017!

You might be wondering why we're even mentioning such an unsavory subject on this fine Wednesday afternoon. Well, we stumbled across a documentary trailer that left us feeling, erm, odd. As mentioned above, the initial reaction to all of this information was fear. When that subsided, the intrigue set in. If nothing else, there's a level of fascination with these robots that we just can't seem to ignore. No, that doesn't mean we want one for Christmas, but we do find the trailer to this documentary shocking enough to share with y'all.

See what we're saying? Pretty intense stuff! We have SO many questions for both the people who create these sex robots and the people who "have relationships" with them. Honestly, we can't ever imagine being so lonely that we would resort to the comfort of a robot. Then again, if times are tough and Tinder is failing you — hell, why not?

The Sex Robots Are Coming will be aired on Channel 4 (UK). If you live in The United States, streaming on Channel 4's website can be a pain. In that case, there's a documentary on Netflix called, My Sex Robot that we think will prove to be equally as compelling. It was filmed back in 2010, but the subject matter is still the same — lonely dudes f'in robots.

Lead Image Via YouTube/Channel4


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