Sex Survey Reveals That Better Romps Come From Taking Care Of Your Partner First

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If you're the type of person who puts your own needs before your partner's during sex, you may be missing out on actually having a good romp session. That's according to new research that was published in the Journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, which studied “sexual communal strength” in long-term couples, per Daily Star.

To gather data, researchers had lovers fill out sex surveys every day for three weeks, with the people who claimed to be more generous revealing higher levels of arousal from their partner. From the results, sex researchers believe it's better to focus on the desires of your partner first, which, in essence, can lead to a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Researcher Lisa Day, of the University of Toronto, said: “These people are motivated because they love their partners, want to make them feel good and benefit the relationship.

“They are still keeping their own needs in mind; they don’t participate out of fear or a sense of obligation.

“They are excited and interested by their partner’s sexual needs.”

According to the lead author of the study, Amy Muise, Ph.D., researchers wanted to uncover situations where one partner wanted sex, while the other wasn't in the mood, and how people responded to such encounters.

“If one person’s desire is low and the other’s is high, the more the first person is willing to engage in sex for the benefit of the relationship, the more satisfaction each partner felt, both with the sexual experience and the overall relationship.”

And while you may think that putting your partner's needs before your own is common sense, slow down, Casanova, because, according to a separate survey in Voucher Codes Pro, via Daily Star, just one-fifth of men actually put their partner's sexual needs before their own, so we've got some selfish guys out there.

Bottom line: You'll get your rocks off regardless, so it's best to satisfy your partner first.

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