13 Freaky "Would You Rather" Questions That Are So Hard, They'll Destroy Your Soul

There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned game of "would you rather," especially when you throw the topic of sex into the mix. You've probably played this game as a kid and grappled with such hard decisions as choosing between a lifetime of drinking only Kool-Aid or a lifetime of drinking only Sunny Delight (the answer is Kool-Aid obviously because Sunny-D is disgusting). But now that we're all boring adults with mostly sex, dating, and porn on our brains, choosing between favorite cartoon characters or juicebox drinks just doesn't cut it anymore. Because of that, we decided to spice up this classic game and make it a lot more exciting and personable to our current interests.

We thought up of 14 super hard, effed up "would you rather" sex questions that will seriously mess with your brain. We tried to make them as soul-destroying and impossibly difficult as possible, because, hey, that's what makes this fun, right? Having to deal with hypothetical mental dilemmas that fracture the very ethical and moral ground you base your entire existence on might not sound like fun, but trust us — it is. From questions about your porn-watching habits to deeper existential questions about choosing between happiness and sex (yes, we went there), these questions are not only hard, they might make you question things about yourself. And that's OK, because once you're done playing the game, you can try the questions out on your friends and let them be the poor victims. Hey, at least these are just hypothetical questions and will never happen in real life. Or at least we hope not.

Check out the gallery below to see the heardest "would you rather" sex questions we could think of. You've been warned.