Sexting Secrets: The Dos And Don'ts (Featuring Model CJ Franco)

Image via Ryan Dwyer // Main Street Productions

If you're a fan of celebrity news, you probably recognize the name CJ Franco, as the bombshell model's name has been floating around the Internet lately thanks to her dating life.

The 25-year-old model is as sexy as they come and knows a thing or two about how to get a lady's attention. So we asked photographer Ryan Dwyer of Main Street Productions to snap a few pics of CJ as we asked her some advice about sexting—here's what the lovely CJ had to say.

Like many women, I've got mixed feelings when it comes to sexting. On one hand, who doesn’t love when the conversation steers from L.A. traffic to him jamming his car down your tunnel (wait, that was an innuendo not a typo, right?). On the other hand, there’s no denying that sexting's also to blame for the ever-so-popular and (mostly) unwanted dick pics.

Since there’s a lot to think about, guys, don’t take it personally if a girl seems opposed to sexting at first. Like myself, she may be having trouble getting past that little voice in her head telling her that something feels weird about it.

“What if my mom unexpectedly drops by and somehow winds up seeing it?”

“Will he think I’m not wifey material if I’m too good at sexting?”

“Will he think I’m not wifey material if I don’t sext because he doesn’t know how very multi-talented I am?”

But, deep down, everyone loves a little midday mischief, so, here's my advice on getting out of the inner dialogue and into the sexting game.

Don’t Be Naive

After years of working as a spy—I mean girlfriend—I’ve discovered that, at one time or another, we’ve all been the sexy stranger that every girlfriend dreads. How can that be, you ask? Guys never delete that stuff, that's how! Seriously, guys would rather keep an old photo from another girl than delete it... us women aren't stupid.


What's the etiquette when it comes to sexting? Discretion is of utmost importance. Still, for some reason, guys simply can’t keep it to themselves! In a recent study by Indiana University researchers, one out of four people who admit to sexting also admit to sharing these private messages with two or three people. Moral of the story? Make sure any photo you’re sending is worth the press it's most likely receiving—or just stick to the basics and send hints with an "eggplant" or the "splash, splash" emoji.

Do It Right

Nothing worth having ever comes fast—I mean, easy. Make sure you don’t make any typos when sexting, because bad grammar is wildly distracting and can really confuse an otherwise perfectly set up innuendo. Consistency is key, remember the story line and stick to that story!

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All Images provided by Ryan Dwyer and Main Street Productions