Argentine Model Vitto Saravia Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Live TV Mishap

Another day, another wardrobe malfunction, with Argentine model Argentine Model Vitto Saravia being the latest victim of such a disastrous and embarrassing moment on live TV.

Appearing on the Argentine talk show Animals Sueltos, Vitto was adjusting her top to show off her necklace when, uh oh, her right breast decided to pop out for everyone to see—which, subsequently, caused some of the hosts to both laugh and try to cover up their eyes.


Playing it off like a champ, Vitto Saravia just giggled and covered her face up in shame following the hosts reactions. In fact, things were so light that one of the presenters, Coco Sily, even playfully joked with Vitto after the wardrobe malfunction by asking, "Can you show us the necklace again?”—presumably, requesting the same thing to happen again.

One of the sexiest models to come out of Argentina, Vitto Saravia also treats her more than 92,000 Instagram followers to lots of skin-tastic pics, with her occasionally posing without a top on.

Whether her live TV nip slip was be design or completely an accident, it's hard not enjoying it.

Daily Star

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