Sexy Blonde Woman Travels The World And Posts Cool Pics With Wild Animals In Exotic Places

There are a lot of dream jobs out there—hell, I pinch myself with what I'm doing—but the one that a 22-year-old law student from Australia claims to have beats all of ours. That's because the woman, named Sarah Kohan, actually travels the world and snaps exotic pics with wild animals—and looks hot while doing it!

From Hawaii to The Bahamas and other highly-sought beach destinations, Sarah doesn't hold back flaunting herself from the sand while the rest of us sit and stare at our computer screens all day long.

Seriously, she's even gone swimming with a F'in whale, guys, per DailyMail Australia:

When I’m underwater and swimming with a whale, it seems like nothing else matters – seeing an animal in their element and being able to interact with them without feeling scared or them feeling vulnerable – that’s nice to see.

Talk about a tough life, huh?

With over 780,000 Instagram followers, Sarah Kohan have a lot of people loving her—which, let's face it, isn't too hard given the exotic nature of her pics and, oh yeah, the fact that she's a complete stunner!


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