Sexy Brazilian Game Show Contestant Loses Her Top During Slip 'N Slide Competition

Image via YouTube

There are some really wild game shows from around the world, but this random one in Brazil where a drop dead gorgeous woman slides down a massive Slip 'N Slide in a bikini has to be our new favorite—because we have a feeling wardrobe malfunctions are at an all-time high.

Well, at least that's what happened to this sexy contestant, who, in addition to looking so good before she even slides down headfirst, experiences the one thing that we could probably all predict was going to happen in the first place—her breasts being exposed.

Not only does this look like it hurt—did you see how her neck just sort of snapped back as she hit that second bump before landing in the pool?—but, good lord, who told her that doing this in a teeny, tiny bikini was going to be a solid idea? Probably not the smartest thing ever suggested.

That said, hey, sex sells, so there's a reason why we've all watched this over and over this morning—so how can we get more footage of this TV show?

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