Celebrate 'Star Wars'' 40th Anniversary With Maitland Ward In Sexy Darth Vader Cosplay

Today is officially the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and what better way to celebrate than with sexy pics of our girl Maitland Ward in Star Wars-inspired cosplay? The former Boy Meets World actress is a huge fan of the franchise and has rocked some pretty sexy costumes in the past.

At last year's WonderCon, she rolled up in a Dominatrix Vader getup and rocked a Pink Stormtrooper outfit (sans pants, and with a lot cleavage) that had us drooling like babies. But seriously, just wait until you see the smokin' hot pics.

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The actress's love for Star Wars and cosplay runs deep — she was only four years old when she started dressing up (in age appropriate attire, of course).

"I made my neighbors —adults included — act out Star Wars in our yard when I was four. I was Leia, of course. My springer spaniel was Chewbacca," she exclusively told us. "The neighbor boy [who was five] was Han. I may or may not have had my first kiss at that point. But, I was Leia with the buns, not the bikini back then."

Check out the pics to see her sexy Star Wars getup from 2016's WonderCon.