Sexy TV Presenter Claudia Guajardo Teases Live Audience By Flashing Groin Tattoo

Once again, live TV proves that it's the best—and, this time, it wasn't because of some fail or news blooper.

Nope, this instance was a hell of a lot more sexy, as a Mexican soccer reporter named Claudia Guajardo teased viewers by pulling up her dress and down her mini shorts, revealing a groin tattoo that was dangerously close to her... well, you know.

The reactions from her fellow hosts is about how everyone felt, leaving us patting our foreheads to control the sweat from the heat that Claudia just put out there.

Encouraged by one of her male hosts to show the new tattoo—which he saw off-air before the show began, according to the Daily Star, Guajardo took him up on his dare by refusing to hold back, giving anyone who tuned in something that they'll never forget.

Here's to Claudia Guajardo, who knows how to draw an audience—whether on live TV or on her Instagram account.

Daily Star

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