Sexy TV Presenter Jenny Scordamaglia Stripped Down And Got Painted Gold For Nude Photoshoot

Image via Vimeo

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We often see bloopers on live TV of news presenters falling out of their shirts or mistakenly flashing viewers, but Miami-based broadcaster Jenny Scordamaglia decided that she was going to willingly strip down to nothing, baring it all in gold body paint to help celebrate the holidays.

The video is embedded below, but can also be seen on Vimeo by clicking on it should your privacy settings restrict you from watching on FHM.com. Note that it's over one hour and 40 minutes long, so you may just want to peep the first few minutes—or not, it's totally up to you.

Gold Photoshoot Jenny Scordamaglia 1 from MIAMI TV on Vimeo.

Other than to help celebrate the holidays, I'm not really sure Jenny's reasoning for getting naked, but I really appreciate the gesture.

Scordamaglia did fear that she'd get banned for the stunt, even saying in the video that, "I hope I don’t get banned for this. I mean I’m fully painted so you know, it should be OK," via Daily Star.

Whether she was naughty or nice and received everything she wanted this Christmas, I think we can all agree that Jenny Scordamaglia gave the best present this year.

Daily Star

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