Shakira Ditches Blonde Locks For Some Fiery Red Ones And, Yep, She's Still A Stunner

For as long as we can remember, 40-year-old singer Shakira has always been known for her incredible hip-shaking ability, a voice that's a mix between yodeling and poppy, and her blonde locks! Well, the Colombian singer recently lost one of those things, because she decided to lose the gold in her hair for something a lot more fiery!

That's right, Shakira went red on us, guys, posting a few pics to her Instagram account that had her more than 40 million followers wondering what she's doing. As it turns out, the new look's part of her upcoming music video for the song "Perro Fiel", with the singer showing her with Nicky Jam, who's featured on the track.


A former coach on the hit TV show The Voice, Shakira might be a natural brunette, but she seems to really be digging this whole redheaded thing, as she captioned the photo with Jam by saying, "Redheads have more fun."

Based off what we see here, we kind of agree.

More than the new locks, though, is the fact that, at 40 years old, Shakira still looks as stunning as she does, which, of course, takes a hell of a lot of hard work — especially when considering the singer has two kids with her star soccer-playing husband Gerard Pique.

So, how does Shakira do it? Her trainer, Anna Kaiser, spilled some of the details, per Healthy Celeb:

The star trainer has devised a special workout for the famous singer. The workouts she has developed are never constant and change regularly (every two weeks) which allows a person not to feel bored. The workouts are not even time consuming as they can be done within an hour’s time.

As revealed by Kaiser, the workout plan of the star choreographer consists of a dance-based interval workout that alternates between strength and cardio intervals. The workout also involves a lot of yoga and stretching exercises in between. All the sessions last for one or one and a half hours and are mostly done twice on a daily basis.

With a toned body, some hips that don't lie and new locks the color of a fire engine to complement it all, Shakira is doing the most — and it's hard not to like what she's got going on.

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