Shane McMahon Jumping Off A Cage During WWE's 'Hell In A Cell' Is Giving Us All The Stomach-Turning Feels (VIDEO)

Image Via WWE

You'd think it would only take one bad cage-jumping experience for a person to learn their lesson, but nope, not Shane McMahon! He exhibits a level of resilience (read: stupidity) we only thought possible from, well, Steve-O. We're not completely criticizing the dude — most of us wouldn't have the balls to pull off this death-defying stunt once, let alone twice.

On Sunday night, nearly a year after Shane's bout with The Undertaker during WWE's live-exclusive, "Hell In A Cell" match, McMahon decided to bust out his ill-advised leap of faith once more, except this time, against opponent Kevin Owens at Detroit's Little Ceasars Arena. Take a look and good luck not developing a fear of heights ...



Naturally, WWE fans had some choice words for Shane's ridiculous stunt. Sure, they're used to watching grown men intentionally injure themselves week-after-week, but c'mon, this was just plain poor planning. It looked as if he regretted his decision the moment both feet left the cage!

Thanks to Bleacher Report we were able to read some of the more entertaining tweets, most of which were actually from members of the WWE community like Mick Foley and his smokin' hot daughter, Noelle.




Here's to next year's "Hell In A Cell," may Shane McMahon continue to never learn his lesson giving us all free-range to laugh/cringe at his expense.


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