Shantal Monique Has A Hot Instagram That Sorta Makes Us Think Of Iggy Azalea's (And That's A Good Thing)

We have an abundance of hot Instagram models and some of the sexiest women in the world that we all love to drool over, but one lady who has recently caught our attention is the lovely Shantal Monique, who has the look of a second-coming of fellow bombshell, Iggy Azalea. And, for those who would ever think that's a bad thing, well, shame on you, because it's about as awesome as it sounds — and Shantal's hot Instagram pics will definitely prove it.

Of course, following the good 30 minutes or so of looking through Shantal Monique's pics, we were able to compose ourselves and find a few things out about her. So we headed over to her website to see if we could dig up some more info. Here's what we were able to discover.


According to her website, Shantal Monique was born and raised in a small town just outside of Seattle, WA. For those who don't know, that's (awesomely) close to us right now, so, hey, if she's ever back around these parts, we can only hope we run into her sometime. After leaving the great Pacific Northwest for Arizona to pursue her modeling career and attend college — where she earned an Associates of Science degree and began attending Arizona State University to she studied Bio-Chemistry — Shantal eventually saw her modeling career take off.

That's when she decided to head to Los Angeles and, unsurprisingly, she's been looking as good as ever in front of the camera ever since, even being named Playmate of The Year in 2015 by Playboy South Africa. Talk about a fast track to success and fame, huh?

As drop dead gorgeous as they come, Shantal Monique's hot Instagram pics are awesome, but it's even cooler that she's smart, sexy and isn't afraid to take risks to reach her goals. If that's not a triple threat, we don't know what is? So, yeah, go ahead and stare at her, guys, she's well worth your time.

Lead image via Instagram/calebchic.

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