Shaquille O'Neal Once Tipped A Waitress A Ton Because She Simply Asked Him To

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Former NBA All-Star and current TNT analyst Shaquille O'Neal has a net worth of about $350 million, per The Richest, so, it's safe to say, that he can blow money on random things anytime he wants to.

The four-time NBA champ told a story to Jimmy Kimmel Live! of him doing just that, claiming that he once actually tipped a waitress, get this, $4,000, simply because he was having fun with the lady and asked what she wanted him to leave.

Check out the video of Shaq on Kimmel here:


To paraphrase, the seven-footer said the he's a "big tipper" and that he likes "to show people my appreciation."

That said, O'Neal did say that he never carries cash, and that, just last week, he actually had to beg a convenient store worker to borrow a quarter:

"Last week, I had to beg the store guy, let me take these donuts and this soda and I'm going to go home and bring the money back."

I don't know about that last part, but, with the loads of cash he has, I guess it's safer for him to stick to credit or debit than carrying around $20-plus bills around.

As someone who once turned down smoking Hookah with Shaquille O'Neal—seriously—knowing that he probably would've picked up the drink tab and remaining bill, and then tipped an enormous amount on top of that, I'm even more disappointed in myself.

O'Neal might be a large man who looks intimidating as hell in person, but both the tipping story and the invite he extended to me for hookah are examples of him actually being nothing more than a gentle giant.

For you servers out there, you might want to tackle your colleagues if Shaq ever walks in to sit down for lunch—because, chances are, he's leaving you enough for a couple months' rent like he did with the aforementioned waitress.

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