Looking To Hit An Ex Where It Hurts? Use This Girl's Savage Netflix Prank As Inspiration

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There's really no sugarcoating the fact that breakups freakin' suck. This is especially true of couples that share responsibilities. You know, a home, children, bills, and the most important thing of all — sharing a Netflix account. That's why when we came across this story of one girl's savage response to finding out her ex still uses her account, well, we just had to share it with y'all.

It's important that you're aware of the worst case scenario in these situations! Men have to look out for one another (no matter how much they might deserve said savagery). In our opinion, if you're a grown man you should really be paying for your own steaming service, but we understand how easy it is to get comfortable in a relationship. Who wants to pay for their own sh*t when you can just leech off your girlfriend?

Well, the problem with that is when the relationship ends (which it will, especially if you're a d*ck) is that you can kiss all those luxuries goodbye! Namely, your beloved shared Netflix account. Take a look at the saga below. It's a tragedy for the ages (or a comedy, depending on how you look at it).

5 episodes into Stranger Things 2?! Woof, that's some harsh stuff right there! To be fair, her parents did seem pretty pissed about the whole ordeal. It's one thing to give out your own Netflix information, it's another to share your family's! Word to the wise, guys — GET YOUR OWN NETFLIX ACCOUNT.

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