Who Says Jersey Is Good For Nothin'? NJ Fishing Crew Catches 926-Pound Mako Shark

Image Via AP/Jenny Lee

As a proud New Jerseyan, when I came across this headline I couldn't help but feel a slight pang of honor—finally, New Jersey is in the news for something other than their shitty transit system and fat, khaki-pant-wearing Governor sunning himself on the beach (DAYS AFTER HE SHUT THEM DOWN). That's not to say I condone the slaughtering of an innocent animal, in fact, the whole showing off a dead shark thing makes me a bit sad—not gonna lie. Yes, I realize how juxtaposing those two emotions are, I'm human, what can I say?!

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All personal opinions and slight NJ bravado aside, the story itself is pretty badass and quite historic, might I add. According to WDSU News

"A fishing crew in New Jersey has reeled in a 926-pound Mako shark, and environmental officials say it's the biggest shark catch in the state's history. The boat's crew was fishing about 100 miles off the state coast in an area known as Hudson Canyon on Saturday. The shark was weighed and displayed in Brielle later that day. Kevin Gerrity, captain of the boat, says they didn't think they could manage to catch the shark. It took over two hours to pull it aboard. The New Jersey Division Fish and Wildlife says the previous record weight for a shark caught was an 880-pound tiger shark caught off Cape May in 1988."

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2-hours? Damn. That's a long time to reel in anything, let alone an animal you're not even going to eat. Wait? People don't eat shark, do they? Surely not in New Jersey. Our idea of gourmet cuisine is pasta bolognese.

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