A Shark Found Lurking Beneath Swimmers Inside A Pool Is The Thing Of Nightmares

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We've given you plenty of terrifying stories that deal with people coming within mere inches of sharks, reminding us that, even when we think the water's safe to swim in, the creatures can suddenly appear for a way-too-close encounter.

Hell, just yesterday we told you about a snorkeling woman who had a blacktip shark come within a few inches of her fins while swimming in West Palm Beach, Fla.—which, we thought, would be the scariest story from the deep seas this week.

Not so fast, though.

That's because, according to the Daily Telegraph, a shark was found in the same swimming pool that humans were trying to enjoy in Sydney, Australia, with the creature lurking beneath their feet.

Much to the bemusement of local beachgoers, the dusky whaler was spotted swimming about in the popular pool — with other swimmers — in the morning before being rescued and released into the ocean at about 2.30pm.

Before the rescue, Bilgola’s Jennifer Hill said she was swimming in the pool for over an hour before she realized —after being alerted by a bystander — there was a shark joining her for some morning laps.

Nope! Nope! Nope! That's my nightmare—and it didn't even happen in the F'in ocean, but in an apparent safe spot, the swimming pool!

Added Jennifer Hill, via Daily Telegraph:

“My initial response was obviously it wasn’t very hungry because it had ample opportunity,” she joked. “It was a beautiful experience."

“Everybody who swam in the pool this morning didn’t know… except one person.”

Estimated to be about three feet, the shark might not have appeared to be all that scary, but, c'mon now, it's a shark, no matter the size, it's going to be freaky as hell to be around, not to mention unpredictable.

Rescue crews aren't sure how the shark ended up in the pool, but Manly Sea Life Sanctuary’s Hope Nugent has some theories.

“We don’t know how it ended up in the pool, but there have been high tides and sometimes they come in on the high tide,” she said.

“You do tend to get other animals, such as stingrays (ending up in ocean pools), but it’s quite infrequent for sharks to get caught in there.”

Seeing as how the entire catch-and-release of the shark took about a minute, this shark doesn't seem like it was too much of a threat to swimmers, but it might be time to do something to prevent this from happening again—because no one wants to end up as shark bait when doing their morning swim laps.

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