Brave (Read: Dumb) Fisherman Jumps Overboard To Play With A 40-Foot Whale Shark And Captures It On Video

Image Via YouTube

If you smoke cigarettes and you get lung cancer, you kinda asked for it, no? If you eat Big Macs everyday and you're overweight, again, asking for it, right? Well, if you jump in the water to play with a shark and something bad happens to you (i.e. losing a limb/death) then you deserve it. #SorryNotSorry

This man in Ocean City Maryland on July 4th clearly didn't share in my sentiment or hey, maybe he did and he was drunk. It was America's booziest holiday after all. In either event, he went ahead and jumped in the water with a FORTY-FOOT whale shark. Luckily, he captured it all on video for our viewing pleasure. Thank you dumb, dumb, fisherman.

Granted, nothing really happened to this dude, but still? I just don't get the necessity. The shark wasn't bothering you, why you gotta get all up in its face? Imagine if someone walked into your home, no, JUMPED into your home and started getting in your face? I'm pretty sure if you live in Texas you can shoot someone on those grounds. You wanna concern yourself with sharks? Join a gang on The Upper West Side.


Now, I'm not trying to be insensitive to people who have survived shark attacks. I'm sure it's not only incredibly painful physically, but also emotionally traumatic. I'm just saying, if you're provoking an animal, then yes, you absolutely deserve it. If you're swimming or surfing or something of the like and a shark bites you're leg off, then yeah, the shark is a dick.

Lead image via YouTube.

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