This Flowchart Finally Answers the Question That Has Plagued Men for Centuries: "Should I Text My Ex?"


It's the middle of the night and you're at home all by your lonesome self. You have your phone in your hand (and not something else for once) and you're thinking the same thing you think every night, "Should I text my ex?"

You might have a zillion different reasons why, too. It could be 'cause you miss her, 'cause you want sex, or 'cause you want to flaunt your new awesome life in her smug little face. Whatever the case, texting your ex is normally not a good idea for, well, the reasons just listed above.

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We get that breakups are tough, but it's a process that all guys must go through. If you go running back to your ex every single time you're sitting alone on your couch staring at your phone, you'll never get over her. And sure, maybe deep down inside that's what you really want, but trust us, unless you both have decided to be friends, you might end up getting your heart broken — twice.

But if for whatever reason you absolutely must text your ex, and none of your awesome friends are around to give you advice, check out the handy flowchart below that will let you know if you should contact that old fling or not. Simply answer the questions and the chart will tell you in very bold words whether you should text your ex or not text your ex.

Larger version here

The next time your texting fingers get all jittery over the need to send a "Sup?" or "I MISS YOU" to the ex, just remember what you need to do. And, because it can't be said enough, don't drink and text!

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