If You Like 'Black Mirror', You Should Watch These Netflix Shows And Movies

Just last week, we made it clear that Black Mirror is really the only show worth binge-watching on Netflix right now. That said, what happens when you run out of episodes? Unfortunately, there's only 16. Hell, if you put your mind to it, you can watch 16 episodes of TV in a day. That's why we're here to discuss shows like Black Mirror that you can also watch on Netflix. For good measure, we threw in a movie as well. You're welcome. Now, of course, these selections aren't going to capture every single element of BM. However, they each incorporate one or more of the key themes — techno-paranoia, mind control, memories, grief, good vs. evil, the supernatural — among others.

We don't want to be hypocritical and suggest that the following TV shows/movies are just as good as Black Mirror, but we can confidently say that they'll hold you over until season 5 drops. Speaking of season 5, there's been absolutely no confirmation from anyone involved with the show. Not Netflix, not the creator Charlie Booker and not the executive producer Annabel Jones. It's a real bummer having to wait on bated breath, but we can almost guarantee it will be coming back for another season. We mean, come on, it's incredible, after all.

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