Here's What Happens To Your Brain When Eating Weed Edibles

Image via HonestMarijuana.com

Just last week, we told you how long drugs like alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, among others, stay in a person's system, with, most of them, disappearing after just a few days. Well, today we've got more drug-related info for you, as the people over at AsapSCIENCE put together a video that's all about weed edibles.

Now, we've given you things like the ideal spots to have your first edible as well as the definitive guide to cooking with weed, but this video helps explains just how weed edibles really work, along with the reactions that cause your brain to feel like you're flying as high as a kite.


It's a lot of scientific-like language, but, bottom line is this: if you eat too much, you're going to be F'ed up—but at least you know why that's the case thanks to this quick video.


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Lead image via HonestMarijuana.com