13 Tell-Tale Signs She's Good At Bedroom Time... Before Getting To The Bed

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Obviously the best way to determine if someone is good in bed is to have sex with them. Problem is, that doesn't usually happen until some proper courting is involved — which is totally appropriate, but it got us thinking. Are there signs that she's good in bed before you ever actually make it to the bedroom? Well, Reddit seems to think so and we're never ones to turn down free advice from anonymous folks on the internet. No sarcasm, they're a lot more helpful than people tend to believe.

That's why when Reddit user, Baltinerdist posed the following question, we knew we had to share it with you guys. We're not suggesting that these signs are foolproof. Obviously every woman is different and we'd hate to suggest that one sign fits all, but if nothing else, go ahead and use these as a platform for further investigation. P.S. You should only be applying these signs to women that have actually shown interest in sleeping with you! Don't be creepy, y'all.

"What talent outside the bedroom is a sure sign of talent inside the bedroom?"

Brace yourselves, guys. The answers get a little, erm, quirky. But, hey! A little quirk never killed anyone, right?

Peaches, Anyone?

"Eating a peach and not getting any peach juice on your hands."

This One Time At Band Camp

"I dated a trombone player one time. UNBELIEVABLE oral skills. 10/10 highly recommend."

Fitness Junkie

"Good health. Good sex is exhausting. Especially if you want to for round 2,3,4. Not saying you have to be a college athlete to have great sex, that's far from the truth. But being in decent shape helps a lot."


More Band Geek Praise

"Playing any musical instrument. Piano? Hardcore finger skills. Brass? Hardcore tongue skills. Strings? They stroke wood all day anyway."

Kissing = Major Key

"Kissing. I know it happens in a bedroom too, but if I'm kissing someone at a bar and we do that well together, then I know sexy time will be fun. If the kisses don't go well, then I have serious doubts about their bedroom abilities."

Oh, Duh!

"Massage. I can't believe no one has pointed this out."


Olympian Dreams


Modern Mating Call

"Upside down twerking."

It Always Comes Back To Confidence

"Just the way they move. Walking, eating, moving their hair out of their face, sitting down/standing up, even the way they stand when you are talking to them. If you pay close attention you will notice some people are more comfortable in their body than others, that physical confidence almost always translates to good sex."


The Classic

"Tying a cherry stem in a knot with your mouth."

Rhythm And Blues

"Being able to dance is always a good sign. I'm not talking professional type moves, but if she can move well to the rhythm you know she's probably good in bed."

Phallic Foods

"Winning hot dog eating contests."


Laughing All The Way To The Bedroom

"Confidence or sense of humor — those are 100% indicators that she has a strong personality and the sex will be great."

For the full thread head on over to Reddit for more tell-tale signs that your lady is going to be A+ in the boudoir.

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