'Sin City': Frank Miller's Graphic Novel's Becoming A Kick-Ass TV Series

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Sin City, and we're not talking about Vegas here, is the umbrella title for a series of graphic novels by writer Frank Miller, which have already been adapted into a pair of feature films—2005's Sin City and 2014's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For—and are now on their way to television.

All of the stories are set in Basin City, a fictional town in the American west, which has been given the name Sin City. The characters and stories run largely independently of each other, but do occasionally cross paths. The series has been described as "neo-noir comics."


Miller, whose The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel changed Batman forever by embracing the character's darker aspects, which led directly to Tim Burton's 1989 film and most everything that has followed.

"Sin City was a mix of all the things that have formed my creative life in a lot of ways," Miller explains. "I grew up reading superhero comics—Superboy, Superman, Batman—which had these mythic cities like Metropolis and Gotham City. I always loved the idea of there being a city that you just make up; that isn't a city that you're familiar with.

"As time went on," he continues, "I drew a bunch of black and white comics when I was a kid and I took them to New York to try and sell them. I was told I'd better start drawing guys in tights punching each other out. So I learned how to do that and I did that for a long time. I liked it a lot, it was a great job."


But after spending some time doing that and pursuing work in films as a writer and director, he decided to go back to what he was interesting in, in the beginning, which was essentially Sin City.

"It didn't have a name yet," Miller reflects, "but that's what it was. So I sat down and started drawing it. It was my escape from Hollywood and it was my escape from superheroes, and of course it ends up drawing me back into movies."

Miller will be producing Sin City along with producer/director Len Wiseman (Live Free Or Die Hard, Sleepy Hollow, Lucifer), and the showrunner is going to be Glen Mazzara of The Shield, The Walking Dead and, most recently, Damien.

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