Singer Kesha Lost Her Top And Teased Us With Some Sexy Pics

It has definitely been a long, long time since we've even thought about the name Kesha, but, if what the 30-year-old singer recently posted onto her Instagram is any indication of things to come, well, we'll probably be thinking about her so much more.

That's because the blonde badass decided to give us a little sneak peek of what it's like to be backstage with her before she belts her little lungs out—and she did so by ditching her top and going topless.

Captioning the near-nude pic by simply saying, "pre show... lets go," Kesha used only her hand to cover up the good parts, deciding that, you know, she wanted to leave at least a little bit to our own imagination by covering up with a towel.

No stranger to posting various Instagram pics, Kesha really opted to go a little bit more R-rated with these—which is absolutely cool with us!

Fighting her way back after a well-documented and unfortunate split from her former producer Dr. Luke—who the singer accused of a number of disturbing crimes—it's good to see her back to being herself a little bit more.

Who knows what's in store for Kesha in the near and distant future, but, right now, she seems happy—and it's rubbing off on us, too!

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