A Man's Guide To Being Single On Thanksgiving

You guys smell that? The faint aroma of turkey and disappoint lingering in the air! Yep, that's right. It's almost time for Thanksgiving dinner and with that, a buttload of questions from annoying, potentially senile family members who just can't understand why you haven't brought home a nice girl, as if being single for the holidays is a crime! It's the same crap, year after year. No matter how many times you politely decline to discuss your love life (or lack thereof) the old folks won't quick! It's not 1950 anymore, Grandma Betty. We don't have to procreate while we're still in high school (unless you're dying to be a B-list MTV celebrity).

We don't know about y'all, but we're sick of the inquisition. It ends, this year! We decided to enlist the help of some pissed of Reddit users who share in our holiday woes. We hand selected the best responses to the following question for you guys to use a guide of sorts. Of course, if you're feeling imaginative (or especially drunk) feel free to throw in some ad-libbing. We're suckers for creativity around these parts, what can we say?

Reddit user, Xandrenia posed the following question and we are forever grateful they did! It's about time we take back Thanksgiving from the evil naysayers, erm, this is getting a little cult-ish. Let's just keep it moving. Sorry, guys.

"Reddit, since Thanksgiving is coming up, what's the best way to answer that one annoying relative that's always asking why you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend?"

Again, we hand-selected the best ones we could find! We sincerely hope this adds a little cheer to your holiday season and shuts your annoying family members up for all of eternity! Not in the dead way, though. Just to clarify.

For the best ways to cope with being single for the holidays, keep scrolling!