A Complete List Of All The Skills That Men Nail (And Fail) According To New Research

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Simply put, there are just certain skills for men that need to be acknowledged, no matter how annoying or unfamiliar you may find them. It seems that while some dudes have evolved well past the Neanderthal stage, a few of y'all are still lingering behind (making the rest of us look bad). For example, we realize that hair products aren't the most arousing topic for men, but c'mon, you need to know how to use that sh-t! It's not going to kill you, we promise.

In the study conducted by AskMen from September 27 to October 18, over 21,400 men responded to their guyQ test — a quiz testing knowledge about dating, grooming, style and practical "adulting 101" stuff. While we were most definitely impressed with a lot of the results, some of them were, erm, disappointing to say the least.

Go ahead and take a look at the infographic below before we break this thing down further ..

We are incredibly pleased to learn that 95% percent of guys know it's best to break up with someone in person — whether they actually do it in person is another story, but, hey! We'll take the acknowledgement. Additionally, the fact that 87% of men know how to pour the perfect glass of beer warms our hearts.

OK, now for the disappointing stuff — seriously, guys?! 64% of you believe in hair loss solutions that don't work? What's the point of that? Take the lead from women, will you please? Talk about grooming openly and honestly, otherwise you're destined to walk around with a nice head of thinning hair that everyone is too nice to call you out on. More concerning than the baldies, is 65% of men not knowing how to deal with an aggressive handshake.

To read the full study, head on over to AskMen for more fails and nails, explained!

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