A Whopping $15.5 Billion Is Lost In Productivity From Americans Playing On Phones At Work

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The ironic part about this post, is that if you're reading it circa 12:30 PM EST, you're most likely at work and thusly contributing to the very productivity loss we're discussing. I'm a huge fan of irony (and people reading my articles) so frankly, keep on keeping on, folks. As with any study we cover at FHM, I will accurately provide the information without bias. Trouble is, I'm not so sure I really believe this one. No BS, I don't have the time throughout the day to scroll through my Facebook newsfeed—most of which is riddled with people I went to high school getting married and having babies—despite the fact that I vividly remember them being the type of people to do E on a school night, but I digress. Perhaps, I'm an outlier, and by I'm, I mean the online media industry in general, who knows?

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A study conducted by the staffing firm, OfficeTeam, determined the average employee spends a total of 5-hours of personal time per week on their phone—answering texts, online shoppings, things of the like. As per the New York Post

"If these numbers were true for every full-time worker in the US, that would add up to $15.5 billion in lost productivity every week due to professionals using their mobile devices for non-work activities,' the study’s authors posit, using Department of Labor figures."

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$15.5 billion?! I'll never see that kind of money in 100-lifetimes, let alone just the one. Here's my thing though....I'M not losing $15.5 billion dollars and neither are you. The New York Post continued—

"The eight hours a week of lost productivity can have a dramatic effect on a business, an OfficeTeam executive said."

Technically speaking, you're really only hurting your place of business by checking your Instagram at work, but hurt your place of business enough? Well, then you're screwed. Look, if you hate your job, I get it, stay on your phone the whole time, keep your head low, and collect a paycheck! But, in the rare event you enjoy it, put the phone down, what's the worst that can happen? You may actually excel and be productive? Oh, the horror!

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To read the full study, head HERE