The Slow Mo Guys Are Having Way Too Much Fun With This Katana Sword (VIDEO)

Image Via YouTube

Whoever isn't familiar with The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube is seriously missing out. These dudes are basically mad scientists when it comes to video content and we're especially excited to show you their latest and greatest. Why? Because it involves a freakin' Katana sword and Katana swords are literally the most badass weaponry of all time.

In the event you haven't seen The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise, there's a strong chance you have no idea what a Katana sword is. No worries, we'll fill you in — it's a traditional Japanese sword that were used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. Pretty dope, huh? Go ahead and take a look at The Slow Mo Guys clowning around with a Katana. Also, as a side note, definitely don't try this at home — please.

Right off the bat we'd like to say that we're very glad no one lost a limb in the making of this video. The Slow Mo Guys themselves actually wrote a little statement below the published video that we'd like to share with y'all:

"Has Dan ever used a Katana in his life? No. Has he ever been trained the way of the Samurai? No. Will it stop him from making a slow mo Katana video? Hell no. Many plastic bottles were harmed in the making of this video. But hey, they are terrible for the environment!"

See what we're saying about these two? Mad scientists! Not many guys would go ahead and swing a Katana sword around for sh-ts and giggles on a sunny afternoon and live to tell the tale. In fact, if it were us making the video, we'd have less fingers to type this article with.

Lead Image Via YouTube

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