Smart Toilets With Ads Are Coming, So, You Can Forget Peace And Quiet On The Porcelain Throne

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With smartphones and smart TVs running the world, we suppose the next natural progression would be smart toilets, right? Erm, not so much. Urinals are sort of the last leg of peace in modern man's life and it seems a bit intrusive to have ads playing while you're trying to take a leak. Turns out, we don't really have a choice in the matter — at least not if Mr.Friendly has anything to say about it. A Dutch company (Mr.Friendly) has created a smart urinal that literally detects when you start, well, releasing urine before they begin running an ad. They're motto? It's pretty catchy, albeit pretty creepy — "guaranteed to capture 40 seconds of a gentleman’s attention." Sounds a lot like like, "there's nowhere to run" but, hey! Who are we to judge?

As per the Mr.Friendly website, there's a couple of features to be highlighted when it comes to this new wave toilet experience:

To find out more about Mr.Friendly, head over to their official website. Who knows? Maybe someone special in your life would love an ad spewing toilet for the holidays. We can definitely think of worse things for a toilet to spew.

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