Snapchat Hacks That'll Make You A F'in Pro

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Who would've ever thought that a silly little social-sharing app like Snapchat would take over the world and change the way people communicate, right? I mean, sure, it's fun and all — and the fact that access to content can only be viewed while a user is touching their screen is a game-changer for advertisers — but everyone is on the thing, sharing pics, videos and stories with one another.

What makes Snapchat even cooler is that it connects fans with their favorite celebrities, athletes and entertainers like nothing else, giving a behind-the-scenes peek at everything those folks have going on in their lives.

From backstage before a concert to in the locker room following a big-time win, Snapchat is the ultimate content-sharing app.

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Still, as much as well share and view, there are still plenty of things we could learn. That's why we're giving you some Snapchat hacks that you should absolutely be aware of—because they'll only increase the experience, so take a look and teach yourself what's up with these tricks.


Add Multiple Lines To A Snap


Turn An Emoji Into A Filter


Apply 3 Filters To One Single Snap


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Change The Colors Of Individual Words And Letters


Save Data And Battery Life By Turning On "Travel Mode"


Find Out If Someone Follows You Back


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