Gamers, Rejoice! SNES Classic Controllers Are Interchangeable With The NES Classic

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In anticipation of the SNES launching later this week, we thought it best to share some pertinent gaming information with y'all. Considering the NES Classic was discontinued shortly after its relaunch, some of you may be less inclined to go out and purchase the SNES Classic — the long lines, inflation, lack of product — it's all too much!

We get it, Nintendo has definitely been giving consumers whiplash this past year and it makes it difficult to trust their products. However, there is some compatibility between the NES and the SNES that could potentially save you a buck or two — or at the very least, optimize gaming time/users.

According to Slash Gear:

"Like the NES Classic, the SNES Classic’s controller ports are the exact same ones found on the bottom of a Wii remote. Back in the days when the Wii reigned supreme, that port was used to connect both the nunchuk add-on and the Wii’s classic controller. It wasn’t long after the NES Classic launched that we discovered you could connect an NES controller to a Wii remote and use it in Virtual Console games – a happy surprise, to be sure."

The image below, provided by Slash Gear highlights the ports in the aforementioned description.

As a reminder, in a tweet from Nintendo back in June, the mini SNES classic will be launching on September 29, accompanied by a total of 21 games. The console will be just under $80.00 and will allow players to play classic games on HD television along with the proper HDMI connection.

The full list of games included on the revamped SNES Classic are below:

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