'Atomic Blonde' Co-Star, Sofia Boutella, Reveals What "Girl On Girl Action" With Charlize Theron Is Like

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Charlize Theron has been one of Hollywood's hottest actresses since landing on the scene in 1995. The South African beauty has starred in roles like Monster (2003) and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), proving her undeniable talent and palpability on screen time and time again. In the breakout film, Atomic Blonde, Theron plays M16 agent, Lorraine Broughton.

Apparently her character excels in many arenas from shooting guns to kicking ass, but her performance in the bedroom along side co-star, Sofia Boutella, has been creating some serious buzz (and heat) in the media ever since the film dropped in July of this year. Boutella, who plays French operative Sandrine, says:

"I was really nervous at first, but [Charlize] made it so easy for me,” Boutella told Yahoo Movies at Cinemacon in Las Vegas. “Honestly, she made me so comfortable… She’s gorgeous, so that wasn’t too hard."

We just wanna go ahead and vouch for Sofia below with photographic proof of Theron's beauty. Take a look...



Ah, yes, our thoughts exactly. You certainly wouldn't have to force us into any sexual situation with Theron, simulated or otherwise. The trailer below will show you just how much chemistry the two stunning actresses had on screen. If you're a "skipper" go ahead and jump to 2:16. You can thank us later.



If the trailer tickled your fancy (which, we're sure it did) then Atomic Blonde will be on Blue Ray and DVD on Saturday, November 14, 2017 — just in time for the holidays! We know what we're buying all our buddies.


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