Sofia Vergara Chills Poolside With A Toucan Floaty And An Itsy-Bitsy Bikini

Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest MILFs around! Of course, her MILF-hood primarily exists on the hit television series, Modern Family, but hey! That counts in our book. She does have a son in real life as well, so really, she's checking off all the boxes and then some.

It's pretty damn hard to steal the spotlight away from Ariel Winter, but Sofia makes it REAL hard to focus on much else—really, we're not complaining. Frankly, if ya'll aren't avid viewers of the show, you should really reconsider. Granted you aren't getting the same sex and violence as Game of Thrones, but a little diversity never killed anyone! If anything, it's the spice of life—write that down.

The two have a lot in common actually, particularly in the womanly-assets arena. Vergara's latest IG post is proof of that and believe us, she'll have you swooning! This isn't the first time this Summer that she's gotten cozy with a pool floaty. Just a few months ago, we reported about her riding an inflatable bull wearing a very busty swimsuithard hitting news, I know. Don't be a hater, you know you love it!! Would you rather us report on Donald Trump? Nah, I didn't think so!

Unfortunately, Sofia is off the market, but that's okay! Nothing wrong with admiring from afar. No worries, Joe, she's all yours! Eye roll. Anyway, Fellas, that's enough from us. For now, it's time to feast your eyes on bigger and better sites. You can thank us later.

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