Sofia Vergara Shows Off Her Unearthly Curves In Sizzling #TBT Photos

Sofia Vergara took to Instagram today to post a head spinning throwback picture of herself wearing a barely-containing string bikini in Miami Beach. Not to be graphic, but it looks like the thong got lost in her ample, dare I say, perfect bottom.

The only giveaway that it was a throwback picture was due to Vergara's hilarious caption. The caption read: "#tbt Miami Beach To when I didnt know my 2 favorite things where bad for u! Sun and transfats #thegoodtimes #boththingsmademybuttlookgreat."

If trans fats and sunshine is all it takes to have a rockin' bod like that, sign me up! Of course she was jesting, as she no longer lives such a lifestyle. Maybe that's the secret to looking 20-years-old when you're 44-years-old, zero trans fats and no sunshine!! Sounds depressing, but let me tell you, there's absolutely nothing depressing about these pics. The Modern Family star's beauty has stood the test of time!

Here at FHM, we are LIVING for these older women showing off their amazing figures. We definitely aren't ageists around these parts. We're firm believers that women can be sexy at any age, and that'll never change!

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