Meet Sol Perez, A Weather Girl So Hot Even Cristiano Ronaldo Is Thirsty

Can someone please explain this insane sexy weather girl trend that's going on and then promise me that it will NEVER EVER end?! Seriously, it's getting out of control at this point—in the best way possible, of course. Yanet Garcia, Lluvia Carillo, Daniela Crudu, and now Sol Perez. I don't think mankind did anything to deserve such beauty, but hey! Keep it coming!!

According to The Daily Star—Maria "Sol" Perez has gained a massive Instagram following of one million people, where she regularly posts pics of her stunning figure. The 23-year-old has even been credited with helping men across the nation wake up in the morning, just to get a glimpse of her forecast.

Did they really just miss out on that sexual innuendo?? Come on! The play between waking up and getting up was just too good to pass up. I guess that's our job here at FHM, huh?

Anyway, Sol is so stunning that's attracted the attention of a certain notorious and quite thirsty bachelor, Cristiano Ronaldo. Spanish media reported Ronaldo liked several of Sol's sexy snaps on Instagram. Perez herself also claims that The Real Madrid and Portugal National forward was one of the viewers on her latest live video.

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