Some Lady's 17-Year Revenge Plan On Her Ex-Boyfriend Is A Real Ball-Busting Move

Image via Flickr

I've mentioned before how cheating sucks. And while you may or may not disagree, when it leads to the heartbreak of a significant other, if you have a soul, that should hurt.

Unfortunately, just because we all know it's not a good idea to cheat on someone, people still do it—and this girl named Harriet did not take it well after finding out her boyfriend Dan was doing it.

While the couple broke up for Dan's infidelity, the dude actually had the balls to ask Harriet to repay him the money he spent on tickets for a concert they were supposed to go to together. That's low as hell, but it didn't break Harriet, who agreed to pay her cheating ex back—by paying it off one day at a time for the next 17 years.

The added touch of calling him a "Cheating Cunt" in the payment receipt is just classic—and well-deserved.

Cheating sucks, guys—and it's stories like this that should be a reminder to men everywhere that, if you do it, your life can be a living hell.

H/T BroBible