Some Lady Gets 15 Years After Having Sex With Her High School Daughter's Teenage Boyfriend

Image via Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

Brace yourself, guys, because of all the disgusting sex scandal arrests we've told you about in recent weeks, this one about a Georgia woman named Kathy Tompa might just take the cake.

Kathy Tompa was sentenced to 15 years in a Georgia prison after it was discovered that she has been having sex with her 15-year-old daughter’s boyfriend for at least six months, with the mom even spending time during their hook up sessions to instruct the boyfriend on how to sexually please her daughter. Tompa even helped the teenage boy sneak out of the house and hide the affair from his parents.

Current reaction:


According to DailyMail—and as expected—the boy's parents are disgusted with what happened.

In court, the boy's mother told the judge that her son had to move out of the area because of the humiliation it caused him.

'She stole my son's innocence,' she said. 'She stole his childhood. I'm angry with her and I'm angry with myself.'

In regards to the sex ed lesson she was giving the boy, here's what Forsyth County Assistant District Attorney Heather Dunn told the judge, per DailyMail:

"She was advising him on how to kiss her daughter, how to touch her daughter, when would be an appropriate time to touch her buttocks, what would be the appropriate time and manner to remove her shirt."

And after his parents discovered that he was acting weird, taking his away his computer and such, reports say that Kathy Tompa bought him a cell phone, installing Facebook and Snapchat in order to keep their communication going.

In addition to the prison sentence of 15 years, Tompa will have to register as a sex offender, pay a fine and finance the boy's therapy.

H/T DailyMail