Someone Actually Determined Which Airline Has The Sexiest Flight Attendants (According To Study)

Image via YouTube

When looking to book a flight, 95 percent of us focus on one thing, the price. But, thanks to a new survey from Trippy, via Maxim, maybe it's time to just start using the airline with the sexiest flight attendants, because we now have the answer.

In a new survey, Trippy asked over 2,000 flyers to rank the attractiveness of flight attendants on the scale of 1 to 10—because, of course, we've been using that scale since high school. Here are the results.

As the chart shows, Emirates attendants' finished tops, averaging a solid 7.17/10. As for my personal favorite airline, Alaska Airlines, they find themselves in the middle of the pack with a 6.46 rating. Not too shabby.

So, will you use this as a basis to book your next travel plans? Probably not. However, it might make you more inclined to drop a few extra bucks on a first-class ticket so you get to enjoy a little more R&R time with the flight attendants—who will be busy fielding drink requests, and pick-up lines, from you the entire flight.


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