Someone Created A Fan-Made 'Super Mario 64' Sequel That Looks So Incredibly Awesome

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If you're a Super Mario fan, you may want to take a deep breath and take a seat, because what you're about to see may cause you to do crazy things — there's a fan-made Super Mario 64 sequel that is actually available to download to play.

Are you picking yourself up off the floor now?

Here's a quick look at the game—which is sure to get shutdown by Nintendo soon since it's unaffiliated at all.


Named SM64: Last Impact, the game is the brainchild of YouTube user Kaze Emanuar, and it features new levels, new challenges and new characters for Mario to try and tackle. Fortunately, though, it still incorporates several things from other games like Super Mario Galaxy and Paper Mario.

Giving gamers 130 new stars to collect, the game can be downloaded here and here before it, presumably, gets the plug pulled on it by Nintendo — who should be kicking themselves that they didn't develop this thing themselves.

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