Sommer Ray Celebrated 15 Million Followers With A Butt-Shakin' Dance For The Ages

If it seems like we're just a little bit in love with Sommer Ray, that's because, well, we kind of are! I mean, how else can you explain the fact that we post about her and her sexy self more than just a few times a month? Oh, right, you can't.

Then again, it's not as if we hear many people complaining about that decision, what with all the things that Sommer does to put a big ol' smile on our faces day after day.

And, as if we all needed anymore proof of the way she makes us feel, Sommer Ray took to Instagram to celebrate a gigantic milestone for herself, reaching the 15 million followers plateau and celebrating as only she can—with a wild, booty-shaking video for all of us to marvel at.

As one of the sexiest and most well-known models on the planet, Sommer knows that it's things like this that will garner plenty of attention. And, naturally, when she does post things like this we've just got to show her some love.

We all know Sommer Ray has one of the best butts out there, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she likes to flaunt it as much as possible. That said, anyone else feel like she was really getting into it during this video? We get it—after all, 15 million followers is so many—so let's just hope she continues sharing sexy moments like this more often. Not that she already doesn't.

Since it's hard to ever have enough of Sommer Ray, go ahead and take a look at some of her Instagram pics that we absolutely adore the most! Oh, and if you're wondering where in the hell she got such good looks, just remember that her mom, Shannon Ray, is fine AF, too! Talk about winning the genetic lottery, huh?

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