Sommer Ray Flaunts Her Backside In Some High-Waisted Panties That Look Amazing

Another day, another reminder why we really need to write about the ravishing Sommer Ray, who, once again, decided to do sexy things with her Grade A booty!

Sommer, who's a 20-year-old fitness model, figured she'd help us all escape these winter blues by posing in a high-waisted thong that shows off one of the best butts on Instagram, clearly proving that she works hard on what the good lord blessed her with.

To further prove her butt to be amazing, Sommer posted a little video of herself dancing around in her skivvies, just teasing us with some afternoon delight on Instagram

Sommer Ray is a woman we just can't stop staring at—which isn't a bad thing considering she always brings the heat.

Lead image via Getty.