Sommer Ray Posted A Sexy Christmas Photoshoot With Her Mom (And It's The Best Gift We've Gotten This Year)

Instagram model, Sommer Ray is easily one of the most beautiful women on social media. She's tall and fit with gorgeous eyes and princess-like hair. Seriously, we can't get enough. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she puts Kim Kardashian's butt to shame.

Turns out, she literally gets it from her mama. 53-year-old Shannon Ray looks DAMN good for her age. Hell, she looks DAMN good for any age and frankly speaking, it's causing a lot of debate here at FHM. The pictures Sommer recently posted to Instagram are serving up some seriously sexy Santa Claus vibes and they're driving us wild — seriously, they're better than any of the gifts we got yesterday.

We genuinely can't decide between who's sexier!? They're both such stunning women, it's not fair. Spread the wealth of genetic perfection, Ray family, will ya please? In all seriousness, it's pretty dope that Shannon supports Sommer's model pursuits. Not all parents would be down with that "lifestyle" and we think it's awesome that Shannon is. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that Shannon models too, but, hey! Just trying to give credit where credit is due.

This mother-daughter dynamic duo is definitely one for the ages and even if they don't replicate the same sexy holiday photoshoot every year, we have a feeling this one will last us a lifetime. In fact, does anyone know where to buy a nice, sustainable frame? We're thinking of hanging this in the office. Erm, too creepy? Yeah, gotta draw the line somewhere. Anyway, guys — go ahead and indulge in the beauty! With the holiday season coming to an end, it's important to get your last licks in!

For pictures of Sommer Ray and Shannon Ray, keep scrolling! You won't regret it.