DAMN! 52-Year-Old Shannon Ray Me Be Even Hotter Than Her Model Daughter, Sommer Ray

You know the saying, "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" when it comes to describing how similar a kid might be to his or her parent? While that may, typically, be used to talk about how their personalities are similar, in the case of model Sommer Ray and her mom Shannon Ray, it's all about the good looks.

Sommer, who's a 20-year-old fitness model who doesn't hold back when it comes to posting sexy things on social media, might be a total stunner, but her 52-year-old mother might just have her beat.

That's because, on Mother's Day, Sommer posted a revealing video of her mama on Snapchat looking hotter than the summer sunshine, with Shannon Ray melting hearts and dropping jaws all over social media. Take a look at the video below.

So, yeah, there might not be a sexier mom on planet earth than Shannon Ray, who is proof that some good genes, hard work and a little luck can keep you looking A+.

Since we know you can't get enough of her, take a look at these pics of Shannon and try to convince yourself otherwise.

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